1. Which Internet Browser should I use?
The recommended Internet Browsers are Edge and Chrome.

2. If my store credit is not applied, what should I do?
Please send an email to nrk.shop@unilever.com so they will review your account and make the corrections required.

3. How many orders can you place by month? 
You can place many orders as you want but the max amount per order will be  300K KRW and buy 1000K KRW during one year.

4. Can I see my available store credit?
Yes, go to your account details on the top right corner on the site. The store credit information will be available under your address details.

5.) Can I see my transaction history?
Of course, please go to your account details page. 
6.) What happens if I place an order that exceeds my store credit?
If your order exceeds your current store credit it will need to be paid using your credit card.
7.) Is the delivery fee part of the Store Credit?
From July 7th the delivery fee is not part of the staff credit and needs to be paid by the employee. Pick Up is an option that is free of charge.

8.) What is the assigned Store Credit?
Store credit benefit for Unilever employees is $50 every two months. This amount doesn't roll over to subsequent month.